Learn Basics Subscription

Every month get hold of 2 EXCLUSIVE recorded webinars (till 9 sessions )get updated list of AK's Watchlist!!


Beginners often struggle when it comes to understanding of concepts like what chart patterns to trade,is price action better or indicator is needed,how to learn about candlesticks,why indicators you have been using goes wrong,how to place stop loss etc

If you are an absolute beginner OR if you are some one who wants to see AK’s swing watchlist and his analysis in every few days,then this subscription is best for you.

What all you will get here?
-9 conceptual videos (3/month) which is good enough for any beginner or starter to understand the nuances about market,both for trading and investing. These will unlock after every 10 days of picking up the course.
-A watchlist analysis video( We had previously given a glimpse on our channel as well as tradiostation) but this will have more detailing. This will be MOSTLY on Sundays.
-Subscription will last for 4 months after which you can even plan to renew it

Who should not join this subscription?
-Anybody looking for a holy grail setup?
-Anybody who feels he/she has already reached advance level game
-Anybody who is expecting advance mambo jumbo knowledge

-Hinglish (Basic English+Hindi)



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