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16 Jul 2021, 11:36 AM

Abhishek Kar is basically trying to pen down his thoughts,his journey via this blog.

I call it typical Indian conversations. Here's a small story which would tell you,how trading changed my life. (Re-published)

Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives … – Apka beta kya kar raha hai? (What is your son doing?)Parents : Padh raha hai ajkal school mein. (He is studying in school.)
Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives … – Acha IIT ki tayari kesi chal rahi hai? (How is the preparation for IIT going on?)Parents : Perplexed. Usne commerce lia hai? (He has preferred commerce and not engineering).Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives … –Ohhh! With sympathies. Ache number nahi ae kya boards me? ( Didn’t he score well in 10th Boards?).Parents : Awkward, trying dodge the topic.. Nahi esa kuch nahi.. pause dead silence (No, nothing like that)Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives leave and behind your back :Bhagwan jane ab inke bete ko naukri kese lagegi. Kash padh lia hota. bla bla

(After leaving, behind their back. God know’s how their son will earn a living or even get a job!)THESE KIND OF CONVERSATIONS ONLY HAPPEN IN INDIA. HAPPENS WITH MOST COMMERCE GRADUATES. BUT, picture abhi baki hai mere dost.

After 8 years :Same Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives … – Beta, kya kar rae ho?Job wob lagi ki nahi ya…?kitna kuma rahe ho? with sarcasm. (Did you get a job or not?)
Beta : No auntiji/uncleji I am jobless….How much you are earning?
Even before you complete your sentence, they get a devlish smile but, then the sentence gets over..I am jobless. I am actually a trader who also consults a broad base of HNI clients for consulting.I am not doing a job in some corporate house,but am invited by IITians, IIMs, prestigious government agencies Biggest corporate houses (in which probably your kid does a 9 to 5 oh I mean 9–9 job) to inspire,guide,train and help their fellow members to attain maximum potential. You may not like it but, for a single session they pay me close to what you son..yes your bright engineer son earns in a month! Ops, sorry, some times even more than that.Talking about my earnings, I am paying 2.5 lakh INR at the moment to a handful of employees and outsourcing agents (without taking loan), have some investments which jobholders usually can afford after the age of 50 and business recently scaled to a 3 million dollar level too. I guess I must be earning well, adequate enough for my kinda life style.Neighbors/Uncles/Aunts/Relatives … – Shocked. Astonished. Speechless.Son : And yes, sorry I forgot to tell, I have an opening for an engineer to work on my trading program. Do let me know if your son is interested, if he is good, will pay him more than his previous employer.

That’s my true story.Every person has different opinions and everyone will suggest different thing to you. So it’s only you who can decide for yourself. Proud Commerce Graduate and a proud TRADER.“You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody.”-Alexander Elder

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